Recovering From a Flood: What Your Family Needs to Know

Flooding can be a traumatic life experience. Recovering from the flood will be dependent on several factors. Here are a few tips from The Budde Agency Inc., serving Amityville, NY and surrounding areas.

Return Safely

Once you have been cleared to return to your home after a flood, you will need to proceed with caution. It is possible that structural damage has taken place in your home. If this is the case, then entering the home can be hazardous. It is wise to leave young children and even young teens in the care of others when first returning to the home. This gives the adults a chance to evaluate the home and make sure it is safe enough for clean up efforts. It is also a good idea to leave pets in the care of another during this time as well.

Protect Your Health

During clean up, it is vital that you protect your health by using proper equipment. Gloves and face masks can help protect you from contaminates that might be lingering in your home. Follow protocols issued by FEMA to make clean up safer and more efficient.

Take Pictures

Before cleaning up, take pictures so that you can accurately account for damage to insurance. Pictures will be very valuable during this process.

Contact Insurance Quickly

Do not procrastinate on calling your insurance company. Although you may feel very overwhelmed and emotional after the flood, the best way to recover is by taking action. Get in touch with your insurance agency quickly so that you can start the claim process as soon as possible.

If you would like to learn more about flood risks and flood recovery, please call our friendly staff today at The Budde Agency Inc. serving Amityville, NY and surrounding areas.