Benefits of Commercial Insurance

Small businesses need to take important steps to protect their growing business. One of these steps is to ensure that the right commercial insurance policies are in place. These types of policies are not one size fits all, so its good to work closely with your agent so that they understand your business needs. If a situation, such as severe weather or a liability suit, affects the business, it will be able to recover quickly. Our agents at The Budde Agency Inc. work with businesses throughout the Long Island and Amityville, NY area to put the right policies in place for our clients. 

How Does Commercial Insurance Help?

Commercial insurance plans are several policy types combined into one. Property insurance protects any physical structures the company owns. It also covers the building’s contents, such as inventory, supplies, and computers. If your company frequently attends trade shows or fairs, there are unique inclusions that can protect you when your staff is offsite. Commercial liability coverage provides protection if someone is injured at a corporate facility. It also protects if someone is injured by one of your products or services, and the company is found to be negligent. Workers’ compensation covers staff medical expenses if they are injured on the job. These are the basics.

Additional coverage that you should consider is business continuity protection. This helps businesses recover quickly following a disaster and limits loss of income due to the inability to function normally. Professional liability coverage is available to protect professional companies. Umbrella insurance is an added layer of protection should a disaster occur. These types of plans are above your base commercial policy and only go into effect when other plans have met their limit caps. Commercial auto insurance covers any vehicles used to conduct business. 

Businesses have many options when it comes to commercial insurance policies. This allows them to be tailored to your specific needs. Our team at The Budde Agency Inc. in the Amityville, NY area can discuss your options. Skim through our website for general information, then call or come by. Protecting your business is our priority!