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New York Boat/Watercraft insurance coverage

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Boat/WatercraftInsurance in New York

As a watercraft or boat owner in New York, it's essential to follow a maintenance routine before getting into the waters so as to protect property and lives. A watercraft and boat insurance is one of the essentials you should ensure you've got with you to cover your passengers, the boat and yourself during transit or when your boat is in storage. At The Budde Agency, Inc. in Amityville, NY, we ensure you are insured so at to enjoy your experience and thrill with confidence. Our boat/watercraft insurance policy covers the following but is not limited to:

  • Comprehensive coverage: In case your boat gets damaged or is stolen, this coverage policy ensures you are compensated for your loss. It, however, doesn't cover your boat in the event of damages caused by colliding with other boats.
  • Collision coverage: In the event of a collision accident, this coverage policy ensures you are compensated for the costs incurred in repairing or replacing your boat.
  • Liability coverage: Accidents also happen in the waters and you can be responsible for causing the accident that leads to other people's property or even injures someone. This coverage policy pays for any property your boat might damage by accident as well as medical bills incurred by the injured party. In case of a legal battle due to the damage of property or the injuries caused, it also pays for all costs incurred in defending you.
  • Emergency boat services coverage: In case your boat experiences a mechanical problem and you are forced to call for towing services, this coverage policy reimburses you for all costs you incur.

If you own a boat in New York regardless of how often or whether you use it, it's a good idea to get it insured. Call or Visit us at The Budde Agency, Inc. in Amityville, NY to get a boat/watercraft insurance policy that suits your wishes and cover your boat against damage, theft, and accidents.

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