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Other Insurance in New York

Insurance in the digital era is not a suggestion. You absolutely need financial backing if you live or work in New York. The Budde Agency, Inc. offers a variety of insurance options for your RV and business in Amityville.

Recreational Insurance

Recreational insurance, also known as RV insurance, provides financial support in the instance of your camper being involved in an automobile accident on the road or being destroyed in a fire. Some RV insurance packages also cover mechanical failures related to accessories, such as the oven or satellite dish, which is why many camper owners purchase a plan instead of relying on their homeowner’s insurance policy to cover damages related to their RV.

Those who go without a recreational insurance plan do so at their own risk since a homeowner’s insurance policy only covers the vehicle while it is parked at the residence. You cannot use your homeowner’s indemnity policy for incidents that occur on the road with your RV. The amount that you pay for recreational assurance depends on a number of factors, which include whether or not you will be using the vehicle full-time or just for vacations. An agent at The Budde Agency, Inc. can help you find the best policy.

Workers' Compensation

Many small business owners in Amityville, NY are unaware of their burden to provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees. The state of New York requires companies to have such coverage even if there is only one employee on the roll.

The good news is that a workers’ compensation plan depends on your business model and needs. You may not have to pay as much as you think for a policy.

Professional Liability Coverage

Perhaps you are not the owner of a traditional brick and mortar business in Amityville, NY. Did you know that you still need business insurance? You leave yourself open to lawsuits and extensive financial loss if you do not have professional liability, also known as Errors and Omissions, coverage.

Imagine your online company giving a customer advice that, when followed, leads to loss. The buyer can legally sue you for damages if you did not issue a disclaimer that released you from any fault in the instance of your suggestion leading to negative results. Professional liability coverage ensures that you do not have to pay money out-of-pocket in the instance that you lose the case. A good policy also pays for lawyer fees.

In the age of social media and advanced technology, it is too easy to lose money. You do not want to live on the edge by living or doing business in New York without the right indemnity policies. Contact The Budde Agency today to start a quote for recreational or business insurance.

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