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New York Renters insurance coverage

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance in New York

Renters insurance is coverage that is sometimes required by landlords but not always.  It is coverage that every renter should have whether it is stipulated in the lease agreement or not.  The protection that it affords the apartment or rental house dweller is considerable and can protect against significant financial hardship should there be a disaster.  The agents at The Budde Agency, Inc. work with renters in the Amityville, NY area to get them the best available coverage for a reasonable cost.

So, what does renters insurance cover?  While the building or house owner has insurance coverage for the physical structure, their policy will not cover any of your personal belongings.  A solid renters insurance policy will not only cover your furniture, clothing, electronics, etc., it will also provide liability coverage should there be an accident.  This is invaluable if, for instance, your dog bites a visitor.  Without renter’s insurance, these costs will have to be paid out of pocket.  The policy will still have monetary limits.  If you have valuable collections, such as jewelry, artwork or stamps, you should discuss this with your agent.  You may need an endorsement to extend coverage of these items.  Your renters insurance policy will also be activated if your place has been deemed uninhabitable by a local authority.  This could result from a events such as fire or severe weather.  The policy will help you with costs until you are able to return to your apartment.  Additionally, if you are considering a home sharing situation with short term renters, the renters insurance policy may provide for damages in that situation.

Renters insurance is a valuable tool for financial protection.  No one knows this better than the team at The Budde Agency, Inc.  They work hard to get Amityville, New York area renters the coverage that they need.  Visit today to learn how a small investment can protect you and your belongings from disaster.

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